Uploading existing VMs, ISO files and data

This chapter describes how you can load existing VMs and ISO/FLP files into your vOrg. It also provides further information about how existing data may be migrated into a VM.

Service template catalog

1) Switch to the Catalogs tab to display all the catalogues available in your vOrg.

2) To create a new catalogue, click on thesymbol. A new window will open.

Name service template catalog

3) Enter a name for the catalog and an optional description.

4) Then click the Next button to continue.

Service template storage type

5) Choose the storage type to define where catalog items will be stored.

Service template catalog sharing

6) Click on the Add Members… button to share your catalogue with other Users/Groups

7) In the dialog window, specify who has access to this catalogue. Then confirm your choice by clicking the OK button.

Service template catalog commit

8) Click the Finish button again to confirm your settings and complete the procedure.

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